Supporting Divorced & Divorcing Parents with Co-Parenting During COVID-19


Course Description

Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, CPCS, RPT-S created this 2 hour webinar during the height of the COVID19 pandemic to address the need for child and family therapists to have skills in helping parents of child clients who were either going through divorce or divorcing. Normally, it would never be recommended that a child's therapist also serve as coparenting therapist but sometimes circumstances, like the pandemic or rural location require therapists to have additional skills. Though developed during special circumstances of the pandemic with emphasis on telehealth, the material in this recorded webinar continues to be relevant and helpful for therapists who do not have the option of referring parents out for coparenting services.

NOTE: This training is for learning enrichment purposes and NOT for CE credits, thus the low fee! Enjoy learning for the sake of learning! If you really need the CE credits, however, contact as this and many other of her trainings are or will soon be available on an additional platform for CE credits.

Supporting Divorced & Divorcing Parents with Co-Parenting During COVID-19 Curriculum:

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