Play Therapy with Items from Nature


Course Description

There are myriad ways to bring a little of Nature into the play therapy room and there are plentiful benefits. This one hour webinar will explore numerous creative play therapy interventions borrowing from the items we can find free of charge out in the great outdoors to help children and adults.  

After taking this training, participants will be able to achieve the following learning objectives: 

  1. Explain how and why incorporating objects and substances found in Nature in the play room can benefit both child and adults clients. 
  2. List 10 play therapy interventions that include the use of objects and substances found in Nature. 
  3. Name 7 research based reasons children benefit from Nature play.

NOTE: This training is for learning enrichment purposes and NOT for CE credits, thus the low fee! Enjoy learning for the sake of learning! If you really need the CE credits, however, contact as this and many other of her trainings are or will soon be available on an additional platform for CE credits.

Play Therapy with Items from Nature Curriculum:

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