Play Therapy with Anxiety Disorders


Course Description

This 2 hour recorded online training webinar with Lynn Louise Wonders provides training regarding anxiety disorders in children along with an overview in 3 seminal theories that provide effective play therapy approaches for addressing both the symptoms and the underlying basis for anxiety disorders in child clients. This training will also provide specific play therapy interventions within those theoretical orientations.  

Upon completion of this training participants will be prepared to. . . 

  1. Name and describe 3 seminal theories that inform the relevant play therapy approaches appropriate for treating anxiety disorders. 
  2. List 5 common anxiety disorders in children we often see and treat with play therapy services. 
  3. List 10 play therapy interventions appropriate for helping children with anxiety disorders 
  4. Describe the reason for having parental involvement in the play therapy treatment planning and implementation process. 
  5. Apply theoretical framework to goal directed treatment planning for a fictional case scenario. 

Play Therapy with Anxiety Disorders Curriculum:

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