Family Therapy for Play Therapists


Come learn about how to incorporate family therapy into your work as a play therapist!

Are you uncertain of how, when, and why to do family work in play therapy? Let’s talk about involving family members because outcomes are better for children when their families are involved in therapy! Join Heather FD for another Playful Integration workshop: The Whys & Hows of Family Therapy for Play Therapists. Heather FD gives you all her tips for family play sessions that help kids and their parents make progress and heal. You'll also get the Playful Integration resource list on Working with Parents in Play Therapy.

*This course is for learning enrichment purposes and does not provide CE credits.

Meet the instructor

Heather Fairlee Denbrough, LCSW, RPT-S, CSPT-S

Heather is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, and Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor. She has worked in community mental health for 12 years. Heather’s specialty areas are: children ages 2-9 years, early childhood trauma, attachment, parent-child relational issues, and parent training/coaching/inner work. Heather also practices reflective play supervision and loves case consultation. Heather has created and led trainings for therapists on topics such as: Introduction to the Nervous System, Young Children & Suicidal Ideation in the Playroom, Authenticity in Parent Work/ Supporting Parent Shadow Work, Working with Families of Faith, Unusual Presentations of PTSD in Young Children, and more. Heather also provides playful spiritual support to play and expressive arts therapists.

Family Therapy for Play Therapists Curriculum:

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