Creative & Affordable Play Therapy Interventions & Items


Course Description

Come and learn with Lynn Louise Wonders how and why to recycle and reuse everyday items into useful, fun items and games to utilize in the play therapy room! You'll receive 20 innovative and affordable play therapy interventions in this 90 minute training. After completing this training you will be able to:

  1. Name 3 reasons for using recycled items and creating affordable play therapy items and interventions 
  2. Describe how creating your own play therapy items for the play room can be used with both child centered play therapy and directive play therapy interventions. 
  3. List 20 play therapy interventions you can create from recycled materials and affordable supplies.

NOTE: This training is for learning enrichment purposes and NOT for CE credits, thus the low fee! Enjoy learning for the sake of learning! If you really need the CE credits, however, contact as this and many other of her trainings are or will soon be available on an additional platform for CE credits.

Creative & Affordable Play Therapy Interventions & Items Curriculum:

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